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    Todays top Ten.....

    Well actually its the top 9 reasons NOT to buy a harley:

    -they suck
    -they handle like shit, stupid chrome scrapes on the ground
    -they do NOT go over 100 on the highway comfortably at all
    -getting blasted in the face with sand all day long gets annoying really fast
    -insurance is $360 a month
    -EVERY stock harley looks like shit
    -parts to make it look better aree stupid expensive
    -i still have a headache from wind/exhaust, from a ride to horseshoe bay, couldnt bear to go any further
    -if you dont buy a harley you could afford 3-4 or your favorite crotch rockets...

    And the top 2 reasons to buy a Harley:

    -I still think they look good
    -they are slow so you might live longer

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    My old man had a harley while I was growing up, he parked it in the kitchen (not sure if I should let that info out)

    In short the bike had lots of power but no handling, good for the straight aways but couldn't handle corners at all. I rode on the back, made it from the heart of Langley to the heart of Surrey in 9 minutes when I was 11 years old. Both of us squids with our skull caps on .

    He ended up selling the bike and the guy that bought it killed himself on it. The big difference when you ask a guy why he bought a harley is simply the name. Harley is too proud to affirm the general knowledge that they are not better bikes then the jap bikes. Harley bikes suck ass and they need to come to grips that while they are stylish, they could learn a lot from the jap bikes by accepting a great deal of humility in the process. But alasl Harley is indeed too proud and will never accept the fact a jap bike is a cheaper, better bike as long as there is a demographic that will, and do buy from them.

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    I wish.
    So how soon are you selling it?
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    ha, NOT selling it. i bought it new and have already spent so much money on it i will loose a tonne. but dont worry another RC is in my near future

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    Great words, Eddie!
    I wonder how many people here actually know what an Edsel is, or have seen one in person (shudder).
    For those who don't know, run a search and get ready to see the ugliest car ever made. No, seriously! It is the ugliest car ever.
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    The new harlies' are certainly a step up from their predecessors.

    My buddy (that i've mentioned in prior threadS) has a 2002.
    That thing defies the stereo types.
    IT starts at the slightest sniff of the starter button, sounds right when it fires and has NO oil leaks what so ever.
    Boy does it ever get up and fuck off quick too.
    Good riding bike...but don't even mention them in the same convo's as sportbikes.
    THe guy who's got this harley's soo used to riding a sportbike, he went to bank round a corner and scratched his new V&H harley pipe all to shit. I was behind him in the dark when this happened.
    there were sparks EVERYWHERE
    He didn't dare try to stop the scrapin too, other wise he'd of not made the corner! haha

    THere's no comparison. they're two totally different bikes for different needs.

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    Why pay 35k for something that f'n rattles, does'nt idle worth a shit and leaks oil?

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    i don't mind harleys, in fact some of them are beautiful. i just find it infuriating when people ask me why i didn't buy a "real" bike. i honestly don't understand the whole mystique of it all. i have never had anyone who actually KNOWS anything about bikes, tell me they don't like mine.
    "look, a shiny, shiny bike!!"
    the same types of people are impressed with jean-claude van damme movies and tired hags like shannon tweed.

    to them, i say:

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    I actually like Harleys. Yes they are retro and do ride like shit (some of 'em) But thats part of owning one.

    When I lived downtown, I was going down Robson and I glanced over at a bunch of girls sitting on a bench. One of them yells over, "if it's not a Harley, it's not a bike!" I yelled back at her, "who the f()ks sitting at a bus stop." It shut her the hell up, to her friends amusement.
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    "who the f()ks sitting at a bus stop."
    I've got to remember that one! Classic.

    Harley's are alright if you understand their purpose. They are meant to go back and forth to the bar, and get you laid with skank ho's.

    I would consider a Harley if I lived in SoCal or somewhere I could ride year round without getting rained on, and where I could buy it with $18,000 real dollars instead of $27000 Canadian pesos. IMHO, the bikes just don't make any sense here.
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