Where in Vancouver can you have a bonfire?
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Thread: Where in Vancouver can you have a bonfire?

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    Where in Vancouver can you have a bonfire?

    You must have a permit to burn any material or substance, such as waste, paper, wood, vegetation, or any flammable substance in the ambient air or in a receptacle where emissons are vented directly into the air without passing through a chimney or stack.

    Are there any beaches or anywhere in Vancouver where you can have a bonfire? How are campers able to have a bonfire without getting a fine? Seems like you need a permit.


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    iona beach is always a good place.
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    Used to go down by the old Fraser arms at the end of the residential street and have pallet burners.

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    Back in the day, we used to have massive bonfires at McDonald Beach, Scott Beach (now Garry Point), Centennial Beach ... which bonfires may or may not have included copious amounts of alcohol consumption, and often a car stereo pumping out Deep Purple, Nazareth, AC/DC and such at volume ...

    nowadays most of those spots aren't even accessible after dark any more.

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    Last one we had was up at stave Lake, bunch of us camping and the crazy fijians brought a generator, leaf blower and a disco ball. The leaf blower had the fire so high we had some parks Rangers show up in a boat thinking it was a forest fire. That was a fun weekend.

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    We did a Canada day bon fire at the end of Jericho.

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    Roberts Bank causeway, Tsawwassen ferry terminal causeway, attract minimal enforcement.

    At the west end of 15A Ave in White Rock are the misnomered 1001 steps down to a rocky beach. (It's roughly 150 steps in actuality). There are numerous beach fires there on any given summer night. I may have had a beautiful little fire there last summer with my g/f and watched the amazing sunset. Or I might have dreamt it. Pedestrian access gate closes at 10pm. Not very difficult to climb over.
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