Traffic Light Programing, Operation, & Placement
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Thread: Traffic Light Programing, Operation, & Placement

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    Traffic Light Programing, Operation, & Placement

    Here's a fine video on the incompetence of traffic light programing, operation, placement, etc. I've seen many (if not all) of these issues at Lower Mainland intersections.

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    I can definitely think of a few local examples which annoy the hell out of me.

    The left turn arrow on HWY 10 at 192nd street in Langley is a joke. If you are heading westbound on hwy 10, and are trying to turn south (left) onto 192nd St, be prepared to wait 3 or 4 light-cycles at least during even moderately busy times. The left turn lane extends back several hundred feet (enough room for quite a few cars), but the light is timed to allow about 3 cars through. Regularly, I will see semi-trucks try to make it though, and they won't even have cleared the intersection by the time the arrow turns off, thustly holding up the eastbound traffic.
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    I can't name the places, but there are a couple intersections in Surrey that if your not on the ball in a big truck, your screwed!
    All and all though, I feel that traffic flow is pretty good for the volume and skill level of some drivers at some not so great times of the day.
    Long weekend traffic is pretty brutle, with the local RV'ers that maybe pull a trailer twice a year at best, that have absolutely no clue on what they are doing?
    Sure the trailer is 34 feet long, add another 10 feet for the pickup and your almost a semi. Thing is? They only have a class 5 license, so they do move a little slower, now combine that with the "WE are on vacation and not in a hurry", add 3 of those retards in a row and a quick changing light and it will screw up traffic flow.
    Not to mention, they have no clue on what to do if a semi truck is merging off an off ramp onto a highway? One pecker head actually tried to not slow up and give me room! There was lots of room on the shoulder for me to drive beside him till he figured it out!

    Anyhow, mostly traffic lights in B.C. aren't that bad, try the crappy light timing they have in a City like Edmonton! People actually start reading the news paper waiting for the light to change.
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