Helmets usually cheaper in Asia?
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Thread: Helmets usually cheaper in Asia?

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    Helmets usually cheaper in Asia?

    Just wondering if it's worth having someone send back a helmet from Asia. I'd pretty much give them the brand, size and model number and it should be exactly the same as here right? Any input would be great thanks!

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    i don't think any of them are DOT approved.
    which means, you get into an accident, and an ICBC investigator looks at your helmet, you could be screwed.

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    I would'nt chance it either. I have seen some pretty cheaply made things come out of there. Not so much m/c stuff. You just never know. Your probably better off getting something from a reputable dealer and someone you know , than try and save a few dollars or originality from the place it comes from, and not knowing what you could end up with. IMHO.

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    In HK, you can find quite some brands\models that have DOT and Snell. Usually its around 40 - 50% cheaper than the list price here.
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    Arai Rx7-RR3:
    CAD lowest price: $899 CAD(retail)
    HKG lowest price: $520 CAD(retail)

    based on last summer's pricing.

    But I still got mine here.

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    Sorry if I wasn't clear but what I meant was the price comparison between well known brands like Arai/Shoei. So you guys think there's a difference between buying the same brand from Asia and here eh?

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    i got 2 Arai Helmet from HK last yr.

    1. 2002 Doohan SNC Replica. ~CAD $600 Snell2000
    2. 2002 Haga RX7rr3 Replica. ~CAD $550 Snell2000
    Both are Dot approval.

    And the Arai Smoke lens ar CAD $50 only...

    i won't buy a helmet here, coz it's just too expensive here.
    Same helment, i can almost save 50%. So give me a reason why i should buy it here....

    May be one reason.... i need to wait about a week for the shipping......

    And i'm planning buying 2 more Arai this yr.....
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    Are you sure that the Arai helmets from Asia are DOT approved? Friend got his Arai Astral helmet from HK and it's only got SNELL 2000, no DOT. I am currently looking at the Blue/Yellow Shoei X-11 Daijaro Replica (this color is only available in Asia) friend told me it's about $700CDN, but it's only SNELL 2000 no DOT. Almost the same price if I order one from the US. Safety wise, SNELL 2000 > DOT so if I do get it, I am not too concerned about it ... Conclusion? ICBC = GHEY!!!
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