Ashcroft old time drags on sat 7th
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Thread: Ashcroft old time drags on sat 7th

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    Ashcroft old time drags on sat 7th

    Anybody else up for a ride to ashcroft to see the old time drags?
    When : Sat 7th, to be rolling along highway 1 no later than 7.
    Meeting place depends if anybody else feels like coming.
    route still not set in stone but i'd rather not take coquihalla...either go around through lilloet and back on #1 or through merrit and back on #1.
    pace-very mild, i am planning to keep my licence and my rubber side down.

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    hell yeah

    that would be awesome, how long a ride is out to ashcroft and back??

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    I would guess about 3-4 hours one way, depending on how fast you go, which route you take and how many stops you make

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