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Thread: Quick rip through the Okanagan

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    Quick rip through the Okanagan

    Many have travelled these roads, but here we go....from Th/Fr last week:

    DAY 1:

    Hwy 3 through Manning Park - roads in good shape, just stay out of the gutters between the East/Westbound lanes, a few of them are nasty:

    Top of the Lookout:

    Complete with a little friend:

    Next - pitstop in Keremeos and up to Penticton to meet a couple of buddies for lunch.

    Next - Eastside Rd. from Penticton down to Okanagan Falls. Road in decent shape, beautiful run along the lakeshore. Lots of small hills and short twisty sections.

    The obligatory tear up the Osoyoos hill for a bonus tag:

    Back around to Keremeos, then up Green Mtn. Road back into Penticton:

    Nice mama and baby bear (the cub couldn't have been more than 75 pounds.....just a little dude!) dashed off into the bush when they heard me coming.

    No pics, but came up 97 through to West Kelowna and up Westside Road. A beautiful run for those who haven't done it before. Couple deer spotted roadside, but otherwise a clean run.

    I recommend Kelly O'Briens in Vernon for the, ahem, scenery.

    DAY 2:

    Business meeting in Vernon first thing, then on through Falkland to Kamloops for another meeting.

    Into the boiling pot known as Hwy 97 from Kamloops to Savona - last business meeting there.

    Next - Savona straight down to Logan Lake. This in a nice little road, although unmarked pretty much all the way down. A number of sharp turns that can take you by surprise if you're 1-2 gears too high .

    Logan Lake continuing on down to Merritt. This stretch isnt' quite as twisty and is marked way better. The pavement a little nicer too. A few farms scattered along the way provides a number of beautiful backdrops.

    Looked like a nice pitstop had I not been on the clock a bit.

    Pitstop in Merritt for hydration. Was pushing 38 degrees at 3PM or so.

    Next - Hwy 8 through to Spences Bridge. A beauty!! twisty sections, a few areas to pass slowpokes and limited governmental interference. Mountain goats about 7-8 miles East os of the metropolis of S.B.

    Stopped at the one and only Lytton Esso for gas, a kitkat and more hydration. I read the area actually hit over 40 degrees that day. Sheezuz.

    One quick rip down the canyon - loved the trains passing overhead along the river with nearly no traffic through the fun part.

    Down Hwy 7 into the Mission Springs for grub and more scenery, then home.

    Saw 2 popo the whole trip - one coming the other way in a line of traffic between Osoyoos and Keremeos and the other.....my spidey senses went up coming into Lytton. He was sitting 2 miles the north side of town. Good thing it wasn't 3 miles the northside.

    No hits, no runs, no errors, nobody left on base. A great 2 day rip.

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    Cool little trip must have been nice hopefully something similar in my foreseeable future!!
    Any shift workers out there wanna ride during the week PM me.

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    I love the Big Dry. Delicious.
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