f4i Slider installation tips????
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Thread: f4i Slider installation tips????

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    f4i Slider installation tips????

    Anybody have any tips for drilling the fairing to install sliders??

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    use the frame slider bolt to make a mark on the inside of your fairing (the foam part). u do this by putting in ur bolt part way through so that it sticks out, close to where ur fairing might be, then u mount ur fairing as usual, and u press down on it so that the inside of the fairing will touch the bolt. drill a small pilot hole in the middle of the bolt mark on the foam. put masking tape, or duct tape on the outside of the fairing so that the paint does not crack or peel when ur drilling. buy the appropriate drill bit for the frame slider hole (a bit smaller than the slider perhaps), and start drilling, using the pilot hole as your center. drill slowly. use a dremel to clean off the sides. mount ur slider, put ur fairing back on...and use dremel tool to shave off some extra space and ur done!

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