Rest in Peace James Garner
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Thread: Rest in Peace James Garner

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    Rest in Peace James Garner

    One of my favorite actors of all time, too bad.

    Maverick was even a little bit before my time, but his role in The Great Escape and since was always very good..
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    its fast....
    I loved watching the rockford files way back. It was a good show.
    Im not too familiar with much other projects he did though.

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    The Rockford Files!

    A TV staple in my house. My dad an I always sat and watched it.
    The reversing doughnut move he'd pull became known as a "A Rockford"

    my dad will be bummed.

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    The Rockford Files is a classic. Great actor RIP James.
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    That sucks. I've been watching some old Rockford episodes while on vacation ....... he left a decent volume of work. Always an enjoyable guy to watch.

    As an aside, my old man had his Lotus tuned at Daytona by the mechanics on Garner's team when he had his American International Racer's race team.
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    The great escape might be the best film ever made.

    A great actor and seemed to be a really cool guy.

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    rest in peace... enjoyable show... some good movies

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