Factoid-Wildlife smarter than people
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    Factoid-Wildlife smarter than people

    Did 1750 km round trip to Barkerville over the weekend, S2S, Duffy, Hwy 97 it was all good apart from the weather and well…….

    Hwy 97 just south of Williams lake 6:30 am not a car for miles and clipping along nicely, 3 deer standing on the edge of the road spot me and turn and run for the bushes, smart deer.
    Hwy back from Barkerville to Quesnel 4:30 pm not a car for miles, over the crest of a hill and large black bear standing in the middle of the road, bear looks at me clamping on the binders and pauses briefly probably evaluating my speed and considering knocking me off and eating me but thinks back to what happened last time he ate hi viz then turns and runs back in the bush, smart bear.
    Hwy 1 near hope older lady in POS econobox attempts to merge into 120kmh traffic at 50kmh, fucking retard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butty View Post
    Hwy 1 near hope older lady in POS econobox attempts to merge into 120kmh traffic at 50kmh, fucking retard.
    The yellow sign on the ramp says 50! Slow down you maniacs!
    Fill the house with bees.

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    No Wildlife encounters today, but I was trying to be respectful of speed limits (popo were out in full force today...very odd for a monday) when i was merging onto the highway leaving hope (back towards Van.) and since I made that mistake, I had some nice inbred people from Sask. that refused to move over to the left lane (although it was completely empty) to let me merge in.

    So i did what all bikes do... accelerate to pass them completely staying within speed limits set fourth by our overlords*

    *that was sarcasm. Just incase you needed that
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    Meet at a local urinal and have this out with a good ole fashion sword fight.

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