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    Thanks Gauge

    I have it ...The new bike. Thanks so much.They gave it to me for 1200 less and no frieght .Awsome,please let me buy you a house..joke.
    Get in touch with me cause the group I was with would realy like to hang out again(including me) We have never heard back from you.Dont you ever check this thing?

    Going to that shop reminded me of the Fast & the Furious movie.Little shop tons of stuff.It was very cool.You should know though that they thought that some of my purchases were on your "account" lucky I'm honest.

    Wish I knew your "handle"

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    Hey Simmone,

    He is c-ride on the site and he is in the Caymen Islands for a week. Congrats on the new purchase!

    Take care.

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