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    Cam Corders ?

    HEy guys.

    I'm looking to purchase a cam corder.

    there's billions of models out there and i'm lookin to get the best bang for my buck. (is there any other way? )

    I know the all familiar term of "you get what you pay for", but there's a lot of things out there that you pay for and you don't need. options etc.

    I'm lookin to spend about 6 hunish in around that area. more if i have to, but hopefully not.

    Here's some questions i'd like to ask.

    = what is the most important thing i should be lookin for in a cam corder?

    =..hmmm that pretty much goes for all the questions! haha

    oh, and if there's anyone out there with a right spanky cam corder for sale, let me know. thankz

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    The major difference you're looking at is the media the camcoder uses and the optics.

    You probably don't care about optics (unless you're doing some high end stuff).

    Media is directly correlated with size.. If you want something really cheap buy the old Hi8/Digital8 (I think?) standard. The units are rather large. The quality is fine afaik. I think they go for under 600 bucks right now.

    Nex there's MiniDV (smaller tapes) which is nice and digital but is already closer to a grand. They are much smaller.

    Then there's MicroMV, which is TINY. About the size of large digital cameras. But they are pricey.

    Bottom line: if you're ok with a big camcoder get a Digital8. Cheap good quality. The features across them all are pretty much the same..

    Go to futureshop or London Drugs and look at some models and figure out what the requirements are.

    Read some reviews on too.


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    The only feature that I would really try to get is digital. You definitely have a computer. I have an older canon zr. It does a pretty good job with the video and takes stills as well and I can download everything with it. The stills aren't as sharp as a newer DV camera or a plain digicam but it still does the job just fine. For around 600 bones the options are fairly narrow but you can still get something nice if you shop around.

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    Just don't ask what the cams for...
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