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    Average KM ? ? ?

    How many KM is average for a bike per year?

    as in like 0km for a brand new bike, I was just wondering seeing as most bike are parked for the winter? If anyone could give me a rough idea that'd be great cause I am looking to buy a bike I just want to know how many KM is to many?


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    I would guess the "average" is 6-8000 Kms a year. some people put on lots, some just cruise the "hood".
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    I wish.
    It really depends.

    Some guys ride hard, and ride all the time - winter or not. Others just 'cruise'. You generally want to buy those ones.
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    I ride about 5,000 kms a month on average.
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    Part timer bikes that were babied during break in may appear to be a good buy but I would shy away from such a summer beach cruiser bike. They are down on power and the lack of propert service will cause you greif in the future.

    They are ususally not maintained and have old oil in them. A bike that has been serviced properly and has a few more kms on it will run a lot better from my experience.

    Why? Most likely because it was owned by a rider who knew wtf was up. Not some "I'm gonna buy me a bike to get some ladies" type who owns a crescent wrench and philips screwdriver.

    That being said I live close to work and work weird hours. I only manage about 2000 kms a month. My bike is one month old and it has 2000 kms on it.

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    I do around 2,000kms/month.

    That would make it around 16kms a year if I ride from March - October.
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    I have 14,300 on my bike and I got it last August.

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    usually 2 sets of tires per season.

    I don't work, and am single. I have ride time here.
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    I was riding 6-8 thousand a month and i ride year round

    did about 110 000k in last 2 years

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    I've done 5000 in 3 months.
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    I have put on 9000 km in the last 3 1/2 months

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    So now this has turned into a bragging party of who puts on the most kms in the shortest period of time?

    How 'bout we try to answer JAP-SPEC's question instead: "I am looking to buy a bike I just want to know how many KM is to many?"

    As a rough rule of thumb...I think starting with 5,000-7,000kms per season is a good estimate to go by. If it's a lot less than that, I would be wary...because (like cosworth said) many bikes that belong to fairweather riders don't get the same attention to maintenance as bikes that belong to more avid riders. What's a lot more important than the amount of kms is how the bike has been cared for. Suppose I'm looking for a 1998 CBR 600...I would way rather buy one that has 40,000kms with all of its maintenance records (oil changes, valve checks, etc.) than one one with 20,000kms and absolutely no records. As a bonus, the guy who has the bike with higher mileage will likely be asking a lower price.

    Even if the bike has lowish kms with all of its records showing that the maintenance was done on time (bonus!) ask the owner about his/her winterizing procedures and riding style. You can sort of beat around the bush and get most of this type of information out of the owner. Ask them stuff like, "I'm new to motorcycling, and I was wondering what I should do when I put it away for winter?" If they respond with, "I usually just park it when the insurance expires," then you may want to look for signs of poor winter storage...but if they start going through a long list of procedures, or say they store it at a dealership, then that's a good sign. Also ask, "So how good is this bike for wheelies?" If you get a responce like, "Oh man! This bike comes up so easily, and I can hold it for 2-3 gears..." then you may want to examine the fork seals for leaks, and look at the sprockets to see if they're hooked. That kind of thing...
    (obviously people can, and will, lie...but it's worth a shot)

    BTW, I've put on 8,000-9,000kms since I insured my bike in April.

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    I have had a few older bikes, and it seems for their age, and my own personal riding, that 10-14 k a year is average. then again, i ride about 10 months out of the year.

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    10-14 sounds right to me, but occasionaly you find an extreem example. A work-friend of mine just bought an 86 rebel. 8000KM on the thing!@!@$


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