I am going up to Port Alberni(sprout lake) on sunday at about 5:30 pm ish. (its on the island thats where I live, I dont mind meeting ppl off the ferry as i live like 5 mins away you guys could take the 3 pm ferry)

We will get to my cabin at sprout lake at about 9pm ish.
Anyways I was thinking the next day we could either go for a ride to toffino or just somewhere around the area or upper island.
Or just kick it around the lake and take in some sun.

I am a newer sport rider so I wont be going toooo quick. I have been riding since 16 just not a sport bike, mainly enduro's.

I was thinking of either coming home mon or tuesday.
All you need to bring is a sleeping bag, we can buy some food in port and put it in the fridge.

Well let me know by either pm or email smokedvw@hotmail.com.