Obamanana and possible WW3 ...
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Thread: Obamanana and possible WW3 ...

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    Obamanana and possible WW3 ...

    Oh my - some wiseacre Russian 'activists' just projected a moving lazer image of Obama fellating a banana, plus the words "Obama - Happy Birthday" onto the front wall of the US Embassy in Moscow (ostensibly on Obama's 53rd birthday) ...

    This could get very geo-politically interesting.
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    I wonder if he will respond in kind by eating more bananas than usual this week. Given what I've seen of the US president, I can't imagine him giving it a more serious response. Lol.

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    I'm sure Obama's too busy golfing to notice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCheeky View Post
    I'm sure Obama's too busy ushering ISIS members into the waiting arms of their respective 72 virgins to notice.
    Fixed to reflect his recent awesome announcement that those fanatical fuckers will soon come to the realize that killing unarmed masses of "infidels" isn't quite the same as facing down Predator drones dropping oh so appropriately named Hellfires with impunity.
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