Watch out for falling trucks
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Thread: Watch out for falling trucks

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    Watch out for falling trucks

    One more hazard to watch out for, albeit a very rare one ...

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    I would just like to point out, that was the worst news video ever.
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    Yeah I avoid perimeter road. Every day trucks roll over on that stretch of road.

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    its fast....
    i work near the 80th street exit, That turn is the worst. the road bank downward (when traveling from putello area to the ferries) and to the right, at every point in the left turn, the truck is leaning towards the outside.
    There should not have been an intersection there. It should have been an overpass and on/off ramps just like the one at tannery.
    The intersection at tannery works fine for flow.

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    Damn it dexter, take your logic out of here. It has no place on the internet!
    Quote Originally Posted by CHIA View Post

    Meet at a local urinal and have this out with a good ole fashion sword fight.

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    Agreed, its a poor design...that said, knowing that a high risk of rollover exists, truckers need to SLOW DOWN!
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    I passed by there with a top heavy loaded truck.. yeah it's really bad. They posted a warning sign to do 30km/hr, I still think it's too fast. It's freaky.

    That corner sneaks up on you if you're not aware of the way it dips. Because you're driving on smooth road, you can easily missjudge the pitch. Also, when turning in a truck, you're looking at your mirrors to see if your back tires are in line. And by the time you look ahead of you it's too late if you're going too fast.

    And like I said 30 km/hr is still too fast for that turn. That's how bad that turn is.

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