Sat, June 7 - Leavenworth USA
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Thread: Sat, June 7 - Leavenworth USA

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    Sporty Tourer

    Sat, June 7 - Leavenworth USA

    Sorry this ride used to be Duffy Lake, but i found out there was a relay race (100 miles) going on that same day. So no point doing that.

    Anyways, I am planning on a loooong ride all the way to Leavenworth, USA. It is supposed to be an amazing ride and I have not done it yet.

    I will be leaving really early in the morning to get through the border crossing without too much delay (6:45AM) from the Shell on Burrard/Davie downtown Vancouver.

    Plan on taking #99 to border crossing, then I5 to Everett, then #2 to Leavenworth. Then rest and check out the town. Then leave and head south on 97 to the I90 which is a fast ride to Seattle. Then depending how I am feeling I may continue on the I5 back to Vancouver. It likely will be late by then so head back home. But I want to check out this area so I can do it again and stay a night next time....

    If anyone is interested in exploring with me come along!
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    More Twisties?

    I won't be able to do the whole day so I'll prolly end up cafe'n it at Whister instead. However, if I were to go, I'd be looking for a couple more twisties. I might suggest the following - see map.

    It's an 11 hour day of riding, so with stops you'd be coming back in the dark. However, the #20 was sooo clean the last time I rode it...

    The $50 for gas is calculated at cranking 7l/100km city / 6.5l/100km hwy.

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    Sporty Tourer
    that actually looks like a nice ride.
    I have had a few people tell me to try #9 and #2 to go see Leavenworth so regardless how i get there that is the goal for Sat. But after that whether I go south or north does really not matter to me.
    So taking #97 north and then #20, well that actually looks more fun than the superfast (but straight) I90.
    So does not really matter to me what i do after that....

    but yes, that does look like a long ride....
    hence the reason I am looking at lodging in Leavenworth area.
    If anyone is interested in taking I9, #20, #97 to leavenworth and split a room there let me know...

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    Last time I rode Hwy 2, I was amazed at how the Washington civil engineers had straightened out most of the corners. Stevens Pass is still nice, and there is a twisty bit along the river just before Leavenworth, but overall, kind of straight and boring. Highly suggest the Hwy 20, to #97 route.

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    Sporty Tourer

    I will be leaving the Shell at 6:45 AM as i heard the border crossing gets ugly around 7:45 so want ot be through before then.

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