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    FS 1984 Yamaha 250 FZR

    I originally posted this message last month. Hope anybody and everybody that replied do not think I am a complete dolt but I posted a few incorrect pieces of data (the most important ones).
    The bike is an FZR (i knew it was a 4 stroke but did not know the TZR designation stood for a 2 stroke version of this bike.
    Also when i bought the bike i never really check the registration and it is an 84 not an 89. i was not really interested in the year just that it had low mileage 25k kms and ran well, which it does.

    i can send pics to anyone interested and i am also interested in a trade for a Ninja 500, if i can find one. My bike and about $1000/1500.

    I can also be reached at larry.bracken@oecgroup.ca
    home phone 604.943.7207 - cel 604.805.2606

    Asking $2250.00 for thie easy to handle and very fast sport bike.

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