For anyone interested in FRS radios for your ride... Future Shop has a flyer misprint today:

2 Motorola T5725's (14ch+38, VOX)
2 NiCd battery packs
1 Desk charger


Get 'em while they're hot. The typo is either that it should be $94.99, or it should be listed as just two T5725's with no batteries or charger. I went in with the flyer in my hand, and when they rang it in pointed out the ad. About 5 minutes of listening to the salesman talk to his manager later, they gave them to me for $74.99. Sounded like they were going to do something about a retraction, but until then I suspect they'll have to honor their ad a few times, anyway.

These have the same 2.5mm jack as the older T5100/T5200 series, for anyone interested in using them with a headset.