power is cutting out at about 8-9 rpm in 4rth and 5th gear.
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Thread: power is cutting out at about 8-9 rpm in 4rth and 5th gear.

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    power is cutting out at about 8-9 rpm in 4rth and 5th gear.

    I recently purchased a 98- ZX6-R and it has a yosh pipe.

    When i am in 4rth or 5th gear at about 8-10 rpm the engine revs up fine to that point and then begins to sputter at this rpm. If i get on and off the throttle it sputters and comes around and i can get it up into the double digit rpm and seems ok.
    Likewise if i shift at this point the power and accel. is fine in another gear. A fellow rider said it may have something to do with the pipe, or a tune up may be needed. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

    As a note the bike performs fine at this RPM in 1st 2nd and 3rd it is 4, & 5 when it occurs?????????

    I am confused? - any suggestions or ideas i would love to hear them?
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    just to clarify

    i just bought the bike and the pipe was with it. with 19,000k

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    Mine always did this until I found the fuel reserve valve

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    you most likely have some sort of an air leak, I had a similar problem due to other reasons, had a hairline crakc in 2 of my carbs that didn't allow those carbs. float bowls to pressurize peoperly at speed...there could be other reasons as well, like someone changed the main jets and so you aren't getting enough fuel....

    best thing you can do is take it to Burnaby Kawasaki and get Ron and Manny to look into it. (604-525-9393)

    pm me if you need help or have any questions,


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    well it is a kawasaki !!!!!

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    If its got a pipe on it chancesare you need jetting and or carb synch. Most people seem to only throw on the pipe for sound and looks. Without jetting your performance may suffer.

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