Moto GP Indy, Fox Sports, and "Mike Doohan"...
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Thread: Moto GP Indy, Fox Sports, and "Mike Doohan"...

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    Moto GP Indy, Fox Sports, and "Mike Doohan"...

    so, pretty entertaining race, but I just DREAD the US rounds, cuz Fox Sports uses their 'domestic' team, who have only the vaguest knowledge of motorcycle racing, and who don't even bother to learn how to pronounce the frikking names of the competitors! I kinda feel sorry for Scotty Russell, cuz he was a great rider back in the day, but even he should be schooling himself more if he's getting paid as a commentator. You can't be saying stuff like 'There's Vignales slipping up the inside of... aaaahhh.... [silence...]'.

    But the proudest moment of the day had to be after (spoiler alert but no surprise) Marques won, taking his tenth straight victory: and the brilliant minds at Fox Sports subbed in a tag at the bottom of the screen announcing this was the first time a Moto GP rider had won 10 straight since "Mike" Doohan in 1997.

    Nice one, Foxers...
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    I just want to know what happened to the feed and that jump to the last lap
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaybo View Post
    I just want to know what happened to the feed and that jump to the last lap
    This. I thought it was the torrent but apparently not. Things are looking up, there was maybe a lap or two there where there was actual entertaining racing.

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    Unbelievably poor race commentary, but losing the feed was an epic fail for FOX 1.

    I just knew the Moto2 commentary was going to be bad, when the start lights go out – and no one said anything for 10 seconds or so. It really appeared they didn’t know the racers and had to check rosters to come up with names. By then the positions had changed.

    The icing on the cake was losing the Motogp feed with 7 laps to go. I still can’t believe those clowns.
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    Nothing beats the feeds from
    For less than $8 per race weekend, it's dirt cheap.

    Now I can see Dorna's revenues from TV deals going down.
    Who wants to pay premium for a race series where you already know the winner.

    Now the only thing people are asking themselves is at which lap will Marquez take the lead and check out.
    I'm also sure is not liking it either.
    Marquez is good for history making but he will hurt Dorna's bottom line.
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