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    Langley Fly in.....

    Sorry for the late post,but there is a fly in at the Langley airport today(saturday june 7).Its on the grass portion and you can access it from 56th ave(cage parking area).Its mostly RV`s(rv3,rv4,rv6,rv6a,rv9-homebuilts).Dad is flying down from Salmon Arm with a friend in his rv6.

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    None right now...

    I was there!

    Too bad the chrome covers won't fit on a motorcycle... 8-P

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    That was so cool....Dad won the first set of chrome valve covers and I won the second set.

    You`re right,I don`t own a Lycoming to put the covers on,so I sent them home(Salmon Arm) with Dad.He flew home with Eustace in his RV-6.

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