Are Slip-Ons on size fits all?
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Thread: Are Slip-Ons on size fits all?

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    Are Slip-Ons on size fits all?

    I am getting tired of my Muzzy's obnoxious wail and would like something a little more reserved. I looked on Ebay for slip ons and I see a lot of them have an adjustable hanger. So as long as the pipe diameter is the same should they all fit?

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    If if its for the same bike. Interchanging between bikes, no. Like SRAD's are three bolt, 2k gixxers are four bolt. R6's are no bolt.

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    Ok, my Muzzy is one pinch bolt where it meets the pipe and one bolt at the frame attachment point.

    Mine has a fixed attachement point for the frame but I see a lot of these other brands have a slidning clamp.

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