Need your opinion about film school....
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Thread: Need your opinion about film school....

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    Need your opinion about film school....

    I work for Pepsi-Cola (Canada) Co right now and it's driving me insane , I use to work in the film industry as a lamp-op and had alot of fun doing it and made alot of money too. But what has really caught my eye now is 3D computer animation. I know the Vancouver Film School has one of the best coures there is for that and i'm pondering going back to school for it. My question is , what is the potential after I finish school? and where could I go with that knowledge? it's going to cost me $24,000 for the year long course , so I would like to have the most info as possible before making my decision.......thanks for the input. Cheers Travis

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    I'm taking the course right now. Thats why I moved here. They say getting a job is tough, if you do get a job its contract based. Meaning probation for hte first 3 months, if your good and get along they may extend your contract or let you go. One thing I learned is that 3D animation is good for more fields than just film. Video games (which now surpassed the film industry), architecture, automotive, commerical and TV, etc.

    From the sounds of it automotive and architecture are always forgotten. Film can be the most boring and commerical and TV can be some of the best work. Why? I was talking to one of my instructors and hes good friends with some people that worked on LOTR and the one guy complained because hes been workign on Gollom (SP) for 3 years now which would get fucking OLD! Where as commericals and TV you get new work all the time.

    I have a question for ya, how much of an artist are you? Are you into art or are you just like wow thats cool??? I'll be honest I've always been a natural artist, I never took any art classes yet I was able to draw well. I never took a 3D class in my life either until I got here. But if you think, hey 3D is cool I should take that, WRONG! The course is extremely intensive. I'm there or working on homework shit NO LESS than 13 hours a day. On average 15 to 16 hours aday! I have spent 20 hours straight a few times working on projects! There is no slacking and the instructors will not let you slack off either, they are very demanding. If your not the responsible type, or a slacker type, etc dont even bother wasting your money. If you have a GF tell her to be prepared not to see you anymore. My friend from France brought his GF with him, she doesn't see him from 8 am to 2 or 3 am everyday, on weekends maybe she'll see him after 6 or 7. Quit your job too, jobs just get in the way of all the work you get. So you have to really enjoy 3D and not just think wow thats cool. I was a hey thats cool guy, and I'm getting the biggest shock of my life, but I found out that I truely enjoy it too, so I dont mind putting in the hours. I dont get much riding/hangin out time, just ask some of the members that know me. Sorry this is turning into a long ass book but this is all true, and anyone in my class can back me on this. If you have more quesitons or clarification on something let me know. 2 things I dont have enough of are Time and SLEEP!

    Also I believe the course has changed. They started what is called the fundamentals course, which makes you take 1 year 2D animation, and 1 year 3D animation. This is to weed out people with no art background. I'm lucky that I got accepted before this or else I'd be hosed. In fact alot of people wonder how I got accepted in the first place, no art background, no 3D background, just natural talent, which doesn't mean shit on paper. All of my class as some background in art and 3D.
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