Too many biker fools on the road...
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Thread: Too many biker fools on the road...

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    Too many biker fools on the road...

    So what's up with all these so called "cool" riders that wear just a helmet and no other gear...? Ever since it's been 20+ degrees C out there all I see is riders with t-shirts, shorts and even freakin' sandals! SANDALS??? How can you even shift wearing sandals? Just the other day I saw this dude flying down Georgia and Richards doing at least 80km/h with his shirt up to the back of his neck because of the wind... That look so retarded...

    Anyway, I think you guys shouldn't ride at all if you're too "cool" to wear your gear in summer. Like Dat (from Action Motorcycle School) always used to tell me and other students, if it's too hot and you don't wanna wear your gear, don't ride. It's not worth it...

    But then again... it's your skin that will be on the pavement not mine...

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    maciekzw, I don't mean to offend you, but there's enough of these "squid" threads already. We don't need anymore, so I'm closing this one. Thanks.
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