Most important/useful gear a person can have...
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Thread: Most important/useful gear a person can have...

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    Most important/useful gear a person can have...

    I ride fully geared up. Helmet (of course) full leathers, gloves, boots, (no spine protector yet but getting).

    Anyway, just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on gear.

    Out here in Calgary, lately ALOT, and I mean alot of riders are going down. With this happening, it still amazes me to see the number of riders in tshirts, shorts, sandals, girls in tank tops, no gloves etc. And then the passengers, wearing even less!!!

    My take on this might not be like most but here goes.

    Lets say you are out for a Sunday cruise, nice and easy. Boy, it's hot out, better leave my suit hanging in the garage. Hit some gravel, low side.... Bike is fine, minor scratches but still rideable. But shit, you're rushed to the hospital, and now face getting that road rash cleaned out with a wire brush. If only you were wearing leathers, you probably could have got up, and continued riding today, but now you have to apply cream, can't work/play for how long. I don't know, I always wear gear.

    Two weeks ago, I almost lowsided, but managed to ride into the ditch. Was completely slowed down, feet were going down, when I hit the front brake. Why I did that I don't know, anyway, bike tipped over, I fell with it, broke my collar bone. Bike has minor scratches in the clear coat, THAT's IT!

    So, even though I was in full gear, I did take an injury. I'm not saying leathers/gear will save you all the time, but it increases the odds of walking away.

    So, that's $.02, but for me, the best piece of safety gear is right between your ears!!!

    Ride safe, leave the racing for the track!
    LIKE SKYDIVING... without the wimpy parachute finish.
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    I second that notion.

    I went down at about a 100 K wearing JR ballistic jacket and pants, as well as some work wear world boots.

    As I was sliding down the road, I thought, hey am I ever glad I put this stinking hot outfit on!!

    Why not minimize the risks we take out there hey folks???
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    Done that!

    The road sliding thing is actually kinda cool. Well, after the fact if you're not hurt.

    I did it once, in First Gear attire. I was amazed at how well the synthetic fibre did when in contact with the road at 60 km/h.

    The wonders of modern science!

    Always wear gear.

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    Your Brains!

    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    Originally posted by squirly
    Your Brains!

    I agree Eug, the walnut(in my case) between our ears is the most important thing.

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    I wear full gear on any serious ride and as much as possible on all the other ones. What's going on between your ears is by far the best protection of all.......I've noticed a lot of bikes going down too. Part of the sport I guess. All I can say is I'm not going down this year.

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    i always wear full gear. after i fishtailed my 250 ninja going 100 on a corner and landed in a ditch i was so thankful for having my gear. my skin was in one piece with no scratches and i only had little bruising here and there
    Yamaha R6

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