A friend has asked me to pass this information on:

For those who are not aware, Port Dover, Ontario is a major riding attraction each Friday the 13th, with thousands of bikers showing up for the day to socialize.

BC has no such tradition, which is too bad. i would like to propose that a few of us who enjoy riding start our own Friday the 13th tradition

For those who are able and willing to go for a ride on Friday the 13th do so, and meet for a lunch, and some conversation before going our separate ways.

A suggestion for a meeting place is Harrison Hot Springs. It's not too far away, but far enough so it's worth the ride. If this tradition actually catches on at all, and more than a handful of people start showing up, Harrison is big enough to accommodate, as opposed to just meeting at one specific pub. If Harrison sounds okay, I'm thinking about rolling in there at about 2 pm, having a late lunch and seeing what happens from there.

Port Dover has had it's problems in the past - mostly image problems as most biker events seem to have. To this end all I can say is this is not an event for any specific club, just for whoever wants to ride, meet, and enjoy.

If you have input, let me know. If you like the idea, pass the word on, and see you on Friday the 13th.

(Further update... we will be meeting at Charlie's on the Lake if you'd like to join in!!)