bbq in memory of corey, tuesday june 24
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Thread: bbq in memory of corey, tuesday june 24

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    bbq in memory of corey, tuesday june 24

    Im having a bbq in memory of corey on tuesday june 24th at my house. Its also a thank you kinda thing for everyone who has helped me get through this first year without him...everyone on the site has been really wonderful!
    Around 4pm would be a good time to come, since its a week day i know that alot of people may not come until later.
    No one needs to worry about bringing anything, just if you can let me know if you will be coming, that would be great
    you can pm me or e mail me at or leave me a message at 604 862 3204.
    I thank everyone who has been so good to corey and i. We really enjoyed going out on rides and hanging out with everyone!
    hope to see you june 24th!

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    I don't see a specific thread for any sort of memorial posts for Corey, and since I will unfortunately be unable to make the bbq, i'm going to post up in here instead.

    I met Corey through BSCB. I talked with him some online, and met him once at the grand opening of Carter Honda. He was one of those guys that you instantly like, that can make you feel comfortable even if you're somewhat anti-social, like me. I figured I'd found a friend.

    I remember I saw a news report of a motorcycle accident in abby, and my first worry was whether I knew the guy that went down, as sunnijudge was a friend of mine, and he lives there. Not too long after that I came on here, and aside from posting my immediate gut reaction, did nothing but stare at my screen for about 10 minutes, trying to comprehend the fact that i'd never see him again, never get to know a guy I was getting to like.

    It did me good to see the large turnout for the funeral. The show of sadness at his passing, and respect for him was heartening, and helped to ease the burden of it.

    So, in closing, I raise a toast to Corey. I know you're in a better place bud, and may your roads always be twisty.

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    See ya there!
    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    i'm there 4 sure!
    R.I.P. - Corey(Xyban)

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