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    Hmm, now those are some good numbers! So when is the next hot single girl, I mean, VROM, ride?

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    what VROMBC?

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    If you want girls ride with VROMBC last weekend 16 bikes, 7 girls. 5 single. Just thought I would let you know

    single girls? I just happen to have a spare GSX-R 1000 to ride? if there's any single girl's that need a ride? lol.
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    VROM BC is at http://vrombc.com. Just don't type the www b/c then you won't find it. They have a banner near the top that tells all about Motorcycle Monday (parties). They also meet every weekend at approx. 9 a.m. at the Flying Swan restaurant (West 4th) for rides, not a bad group.

    Anyhow, as for the pipe... Digi told me about it and asked me if I wanted it, but alas I cannot afford it. Since my roommate is moving out shortly I am gonna be out $500 a month. Ick. C'est la vie... I am still cooler than most, because how many chicks do you know that ride a R1.

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    The stuff above was split off from a branch discussion in Buy & Sell.
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