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    summary of ride to leavenworth

    Today I went to Leavenworth, USA.
    A town known for being an immitation Swiss or Austrian village but really is a tourist trap get-a-way for romancing couples who live in Seattle.

    I started the ride at 6:45am well, errr, okay, ahem, 7:05 as i could not get up. I got up eventually cause I knew if I did not make the border before 7:45am I would be screwed. Well, not literally but you will be stuck in the line for a while. I went to the Peace Arch crossing and little tip, stay in the middle lane. Reason - it moves faster as it split into two stations while the far left one only has one. And eventually they will open up extra ones for this line so it moves the fastest. I arrived at the border in about 35 minutes from DT Vanc and arrived at 7:45 (just when the lineup was beginning). I ended up waiting only 15 minutes (which was not bad). So i crossed the US border at 8am.

    I then decided to take I5 to Everett, but ended up stopping in Mount Vernon at a Dennys cause i had skipped breakfast in a rush to make it to the border. After Dennys I drove to Everett then took #2 to Leavenworth. I was told this ride was very scenic and had lots of nice turns. Well, it got more scenic after Sultan and the road followed a river most of the way. The only cool site I saw was a dam along the way and some rapids. Overall though the ride was okay something similar to Manning Park ride. When I arrived at Leavenworth, WA at 1pm (not the other leavenworth that has the jail......), i found a tourist trap town suitable for making your girlfriend happy that you can be romantic. Well you get the idea. It has lots of small quaint shops, with a Swiss Alps/American feel to it. It was okay to look at and a good place to rest for a bit.

    Then I continued on and went North on ALT97 (#97 alternate) to get to Chelan. This road did not really impress me so I would likely take #97 (main one) next time. In Chelan there is a dam but it is not that spectacular. I heard if you have time to go to Grand Coulee Dam from here. I did not have the time as this was a 1 day trip, but I met/passed several riders and they said at night they do a light show on the dam and it looks realy cool. Form Chelan I took #97 to Pateros and decided to take #153 to Twisp. Road was okay, little traffic and lots of turns. But overall the sceanery was lots of farms.... and small towns trying to survive. It was here I almost ran out of gas cause I was being a moron and not watching my guage. I putterred along to Methow (no gas station) and then Carlton and proceeded to put some bad gas in my ride (it was some kind of generic premium but must have been 50% water....). I only put in $2 to get me to Twisp but the damage was already done. My engine missed a bit for most of the ride after that and took hours to gradually get better. The second town i liked was Winthrop. This town has a wild west theme to it and overall while it is touristy I thought it was kinda cool and a highlight of the trip. It is worth checking out. Now here is where the ride started to shine. After Winthrop the Cascade moutains get closer and the riding gets way better. Once in the range it is incredible. Lots of turns, amazing sceanery, little traffic, great road conditions and fun fun fun. This was the best part of the ride. From here to about Marblemount the riding was incredible. Then it is kinda okay as i made my way back to the I5. Then I proceeded to take the I5 back to Vancouver where I arrived at 7:30pm.

    Pefect day, saw lots of sceanery, had lots of fun and no speeding tickets. Well, errrr... I really gotta thank one constable though as he made my day. I was caught following a white truck that was setting a nice pace form the border to Ferry crossing turnoff. I was a ways behind him so i figure I use him as radar bait. Well, the police were waiting right where the speed limit drops to 80km/hr near the ferry turn off and they must have been caught off guard cause they let him get by after knowing he was speeding but did not make the same mistake with me. Turns out I was doing 120 in a just turned 80 zone. Not good. I actually did not know how fast I was going as I recently changed a front sprocket on my bike that has one less tooth and I knew my bike tells me I am going faster than I am. But this is no excuse. Well I have no idea how, but I ended up with just a warning. This miracle I cannot explain but it makes me want to give blood now or do some other noble act ontu another, so I have decided to do the blood thing soon as it was on my list anyways.

    Only thing to add is I am going to do another ride soon. Take I5 to Bellingham, then take Chuckanut drive #11 (very scenic twisty road) to Burlington. Then take #20 to either Seattle or else go to #101 and later #112 along the coast. I hear either way the sceanery is really cool and the ride is far shorter than what i did today. An alternate way other than the I5 is to take #9 if you have the time. It is a much more scenic road.

    safe riding everyone...

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    sounds like a cool ride, nice break from the cops too .

    What was the total mileage for the trip?

    Oh yeah, moving thiss to general.

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    total mileage was about 900 kms

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