Hurricane Ridge.
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    Hurricane Ridge.

    About 700km door to door.

    reverse it going back with the exception of that circle on the east end of 101.

    Chuckanut dr was empty on the way down, but due to the clouds it was kinda chilly. Contemplated pulling over and buying a trash bag to wear like a poncho under the leathers.

    coming back it was also pretty empty, but sun was in my eyes, and i felt like i was about to mr. D my bike into a creek. if there was a creek.

    Got to the ferry and was greeted with this

    On the way

    Some of the people i didnt want to pass in their lanes, so was stuck behind for a bit

    Had a guy on the green ninja follow me for a bit, then i waved him through as he was a local and knew the roads better. Coming to the 101 jct i pointed at my tank, and he proceeded to show me the 'closest' gas station.... going the wrong way. It got a bit ... fun. Later i saw his radar detector and that explained some of the rates of speeds he felt comfortable doing.

    Turned around and went to Port Angeles.... blah blah blah traffic, boring, construction zone, people not seeing the "slow vehicles use pull outs" signs, the usual.

    Made a left on the "Race" street... that's the name of it... haha, and headed up.

    So i found my new favourite road.

    Old Spiral is now kinda ... meh.

    For about 30km it just... flows for the lack of a better word. If Baker is in your face, rough, nothing but hair pins, drop offs, kill you if you dont pay attention kinda road, this looks deceivingly friendly. It can still leave you bouncing down the mountain if you dont pay attention, but it doesnt look like it will. Surface is amazing, sight lines are great. A couple corners had small rocks at the apex, but nothing too major. Oh, and a couple deer that kinda sat in the bushes.

    Buuuuuut the traffic after the first 10 or so km of the climb was bad. I would stop, wait for a couple of minutes, head up...catch up... and that's how it was for the 2nd 2/3 of the way up. Cant blame them, the view was breath taking. but it was a crime to do that road at 20mph.

    On the way down it was pretty much the same thing. about 10k of riding, then seeing a park ranger pulling someone over (good thing the rider going up warned me about it.... not) Took it a bit easy the rest of the way down.

    Talked to some locals and was told that after the labour day weekend it dies down a lot.

    Lessons learned: go to Victoria after work, stay there, take the ferry in the morning.

    Neah Bay still eludes me. CDG was right, it is a 2 day trip

    oh, and having some cousin fucking redneck ride 2 feet from my rear bumper was also fun... after he cut me off to keep me from passing him in the right (empty) lane. apparently i was supposed to move back into the right lane... as the traffic ahead of me was coming to a stop due to construction.
    he sounds like a giniuz with his "if you dont like it go back to kanada", then proceeded to take the next off ramp. thought about taking the same exit to ...discuss his driving habbits, but figured it was WA where they do have CCW, and chances of some cousin fucker having it is fairly high.
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    I have a buddy who just moved up to Sequim to retire, might have to pay him a visit and see how good it is as a staging platform

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    please ask him to not drive 10 under in the twisty bits then speed up for the passing zones
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    What a shame Hurricane Ridge was that congested. But I guess its August, the month when everyone is out on the road, even more so than July. Here's a quick trip plan on how to do both Neah Bay and Hurricane Ridge in 30 hours or less:

    Ferry Schedules:

    12:15pm Depart Blaine and ride 142kms (2 hours) to Coupeville ferry on Whidbey Island
    2:15pm Arrive in Coupeville
    2:45pm Ferry to Port Townsend 30mins
    3:15pm Arrive in Port Townsend
    3:30pm Ride to Hurricane Ridge and return to Port Angeles 153kms (2.5 hours)
    6:00pm Arrive in Port Angeles

    7:00am Breakfast
    8:00am Depart Port Angeles for Neah Bay, return to Port Townsend 300kms, 5 hours
    1:00pm Arrive Port Townsend
    1:15pm Ferry to Coupeville (next ferry is 2:00pm)
    1:45pm Arrive Coupeville
    3:45pm Arrive Blaine

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