10 points for the cop
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Thread: 10 points for the cop

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    10 points for the cop

    woah, i was riding about 110 on the highway and all of a sudden is see bluw and red lights behind me. I go oh shit , am i really going 110 or more. so i pull to the right and i get off the bike. He says , " hi how are you? dont worry you didnt do anything wrong unless you dont have your liscense". He smiles and i give it to him
    Then he says, " I wish more riders had lisences". i waved and thanked him. i think its great that cops are checking and looking out for our safety! ride safe everyone

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    a ticket at that speed would suck.
    that's the normal speed for the highway.
    sigh, i wish they'd increase the speed limits and make 'em more like they have in states.

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