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    Next summer I'll buy another.

    Newbie Question on Gear...

    Where is the best place to shop for gear (ie Helmets, Leather Jackets, Kevlar Jackets, etc...)? Taking into consideration the best service, best prices and variety available? I know many opinions are going to differ from person to person, but I'd like some ideas on where to go, as I'm still new to this. And do we get 15-20% off everything (escept bikes of course) at BK if we take that Action course (which I already have)?

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    I've always been happy with BK.

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    Go to...

    Modern - Aaron (NOT MURRAY!)
    RMS - Rob

    BK / Imperial also, hear there are good deals, but no experience with them...

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    BK gives a discount for action students, and are usually very willing to haggle if you tell them you're a BCSB member.
    (they're very reputable guys)

    RMS gives a discount for BCSB members, and they have a very large selection of stuff. (also very reputable)

    Imperial is a small shop, and their selection lacks, but i really like those guys. they're always very friendly and very helpful. their prices on gear are pretty good too.

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    I just thought I would mention I have had good experiences at RMS, BK, Modern and Imperial.

    I think they will all take care of you.


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    I agree with dn

    I've had really good experiences with those 4 places as well~
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    Next summer I'll buy another.
    Thank you for the replies...I think I'll go hit up BK, Imperial and RMS sometime this week.

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    RMS seems to be the best in town. The only reason that I don't buy all of my stuff there is that they are faaaaaaaar faaaaaaaaar away from west van.


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    I've had good experience with Maple Ridge motorsports when buying my helmet and gloves ( kawasaki dealership on lougheed highway in maple ridge) they were really good about replacing a visor rachet that somehow broke the first time i took the visor off.
    Bought my Jacket at Imperial in burnaby but i think you do get a better deal at RMS then at Imp. also bought the back protector at RMS and my boots at Walmart( no laughing, black leather steel toed boots that cover the ancle, comfortable but firm shifting feel and 30$)
    Only place where i will never even consider shopping for gear is Carter Coquitlam because once i bought a defective helmet there and getting my money back was a much bigger hassle than it should have been( even though i think their parts guy is very cool...however the girl i can't stand ) and also i Almost bought a royally defective pair of gloves from them. So maybe a fluke maybe not but naah never again for me.

    About shop *XXXXXXX* giving you a *XX%* Discount because you're a member of "_________".......This is all pretty well bull.
    I found that almost every shop will give you a discount as long as they are making enough mark-up to lose some and as long as you ask for it. In reality a shop will give you a discount because your dog's cousin's name is Noodles as long as they're still making some money. Thats how i got my helmet for 190$ including tax when sticker price was 220$+ tax.
    Shop around for who has the best deal on what you want and use every shop for your advantage.

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    i think rob is a niceguy from rms.
    but when i bought glves there.
    they were originally 129.99
    .... so he said 99.99 and i was happy..
    but when i went to look at bikes at carter honda around granville island........
    i saw the same gloves for 89.99??????????/
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    It pays to shop around. I think Rob's a great guy, and so's Trevor at BK. But you never know who's gonna want to move merchandise, so shop them all and play them against each other. Plus there's the internet. Lots of screaming deals there. And if you cross the border, there's Chris at Steve Baker Motorsports on the Guide Meridian just north of Bellingham. I've seen him get within $5 of a price I saw on the web.
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    Talk to Brian at BK (the guy with the moustache) he's the owner, so obviously, he can give you the best deal. I've had pretty good experience with them since I bought my first jacket there before my riding course.

    Just had to mention that I was going to take a course and he hooked me up with a 20% discount.

    From the experiences I've had at bike shops, they're pretty much always ready to haggle, or give you a deal. Just ask and you probably won't pay sticker price anywhere.

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