What makes one tire better than another?
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Thread: What makes one tire better than another?

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    What makes one tire better than another?

    I've seen lots of reviews but I just wanted to here how a tire can make a difference to the averrage every day rider.

    Why is let say a Bridgestone BT010 not as good as a Metzler?

    Will I notice the difference while riding?

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    Some are stickier and warm up fast but wear fast too, some are harder and last longer but don't warm up fast so are a little dicy until you get them heated up on the road, some are good in rain, some are NOT, etc etc.

    There's no one thing that makes a tire better, you have to add what its going to be used for and if more than one use, which one matters most to you. Then go read the reviews and comparisons and you should have a pretty good inclination which tire might be best for you.
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    If you're an average rider I'd say either go with the sport touring tire, like the BT 020's (the 010's are high performance) since they last longer, or the original equipment tires fitted to the bike. OE tires are designed for the handling characteristics of the bike. And nowadays OE rubber ain't that bad compared to tires a few generations back. Talk to the guys who sell them, as well. If you tell them how you ride, they can make some pretty good calls on what to put on your bike.
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