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    '80 KZ750 Exhaust

    The muffler on my bike is rusting from the inside out, so I need a new one. Any idea where I could find a decent replacement?

    My current best prince is $300 for an aftermarket 4:1 exhaust, but if I could find a 2:1 for the left side of the bike for a decent price, I'd do that too, because the right side is fine.

    (BTW, when I say left, i mean facing the front of the bike)

    Thanx for your help


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    there's a bike salvage in abbotsford somewhere that could have a cheaper pipe for you ...i'll post as soon as i can find the details for it...in future its easiest to refer to the "left" and "right" sides as clutch and brake sides to avoid confusion

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    dont worry about it. my kz440 i used to own had rust all over it and it ran semi-ok hehehe the baffles on mine however were takin out by the previous owner and boy was that thing loud.....

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    The reason I want to get the new exhaust is theres a guy who'll balance the carbs for me, but not 'till I get a proper exhaust on it

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