Back on two wheels!!!!!!!!
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Thread: Back on two wheels!!!!!!!!

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    Talking Back on two wheels!!!!!!!!

    I am pretty stoked. Bomax is working on my new bike today. Hopefully it will be ready by Thursday evening so i can go to Joeys.

    94 Ninja 7. Dark purple almost black.

    Can't even sleep. lol

    C-ya all soon.

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    Sweet deal!

    Glad to hear you're so happy

    Can't wait till i get my gixxer ....then i can get you to pimp it with neons!

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    Way to go Daf! Nice choice with the Kwak.

    Those old 7s are pretty bad-ass...I love the way they look. A friend of mine has (what sounds to be) almost the exact same bike as what you're buying.
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    sweet Daf!!! can't wait to chase you in the mountians again
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    soooon as its done ya gotta post some pics!! my 91 ZX is currently getting paint. its all gonna be the colour of the fairing in my avatar. the colour choice sounds sweeeeeeeet aswell dude!!

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    daf! See you on the road again!

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