Where to get stickers cut?
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Thread: Where to get stickers cut?

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    Cool Where to get stickers cut?

    Hey all I have a sheet of carbon fibre vinyl and wanna get some custom stickers cut from it. Anyone know of shops that would cut or make custom decals? Thanks!
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    yeah bro.

    try pm'ing "babybiker"...... his Name's Tony Leung (i think) and he works at "biker boyz car and audio" (once again- i think) it's in richmond?

    I use to have all this information but i've since lost it.

    Point is, i had him cut me some "GSX-R" decals.
    they were mint! absolutly fantastic quality....and CHEAP!!!

    so yeah, pm him

    I wish i could be more helpful...it's been a while since i dealt with him

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    There's a small shop on the 2nd floor of Yaohan in Richmond that does custom cut decals. The avg price is somewhere around 5 bucks a piece...

    It's on the 2nd floor, by the Telephone shop walkway. It's a car "lights/air freshener" Sells a lot of decals and one of the guys I think his name is Danny rides an R6
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    Herb Lipschnitz
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