pics and specs are starting to leak.

link to Reddit thread

whats been posted so far.
  • NEW - Touch LCD screen built in on the back!
  • NEW - Battery latch on the bottom of the camera
  • NEW - Settings button on the side of the camera (Previously where Wifi was)
  • NEW - the LCD on the front of the camera now also has the record and Wifi lights combined into the UI.
  • It looks like the design is in-line with Hero3+ dimensions and should be inversely compatible withe previous mounts and cases.
  • It looks like the design still has the ability for users to add bacpacs to the camera.

  • Notable specs from multiple sources.
    • 4k-30 - The images show this setting on the LCD.
    • 2.7k-60 - This was unexpected and is not confirmed yet, but was claimed by the store literature below.
    • 12MP pictures - The rumor was 13MP, but it looks like we're getting 12, hopefully at a better quality.
    • Bluetooth capabilities (See firmware above), unknown if built in or bacpac.
    • GPS, Environmental data logging (temperature, humidity, etc...), unknown if built in or bacpac.
    • Image stabilization (of some sort)