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    Helmet prices

    I've noticed MSRP in US$ is a lot cheaper than in Can$. Is a US bought helmet legal in Canada? (Will I get screwed in an accident if I bought a US helmet?).

    I'm considering an Arai Quantum/F for $875 tax in but I hear that if I wait til next season, I can pick up this year's model for around 5 bills. Is that true?

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    Yes Helmets from the States are legal here.
    $875 tax in for quantum/f - I'm assuming that's if you pick it up here. That's about how much i got mine for.

    If you wait til next year you can get em cheaper....but make sure you get it fast, they sell like crazy.
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    Got mine at the motorcycle show. Arai Signet GT forte blue. Paid 1/2 price ($430) because it was a snell 95 and RMS wanted to blow them out. They may still have some.
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