got a bike finally and need some help!
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Thread: got a bike finally and need some help!

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    Unhappy got a bike finally and need some help!

    its no r6, despite the name.. but oh well.. bought the bike off rwr, 85 gixxer 750

    i've had the bike for about a week now.. put around 210 or so km on it.. 95% of it on the road, 5% in a parking lot, cul de sacs etc.

    so today i went to take the mst test.. the one where you drive around the parking lot for the second part of the L.. it was fairly easy, however i failed by one point due to touching the ground to many times.. grrr, just one point off!

    now, i made all the mistakes in the slalomn.. i was the only super bike.. EVERYTHING else was a harley or another cruiser and those boys had a super tight turning radius.. i swear my turning ability was twice as wide.. however the lady did not change the distance between the cones to slalomn which i think she should have because of all the different spaced markings on the pavement.. showing distance between the cones in incriments??? should she have changed the distance between the slalomn cones? the other boys had so much room to move...

    i was perfect on everything else... shit, they even passed one guy that locked up his back tire and layed an 8ft patch, now the biggest one in the parking lot.. and i didnt pass because i touched the ground to much

    anybody have tips for this? like anything? besides more practice.
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    sold - borrowing my wife's CBR
    Borrow someone else's bike.

    After already having my full motorcycle licence in England for a few years, I moved to Canada and had to do it all over again. I didn't bother practising, and tried to do the cone thing on a fully faired XS 1100 Yamaha (it basically looked like a Gold Wing). I failed.

    Eventually, I sold that bike and bought an RZ 350 Yamaha. I practised a lot this time, then did the test. Piece of cake!
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    take a course
    you get a much easier bike to use.
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    Don't go too slow, 10 - 15 km would be fine for the slalomn. Don't overturn the cones, stay really close to them. Plus it wouldn't hurt to ask them to check the turn radius too.
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    Hey bro.

    Glad to hear you're puttin k's on the bike.

    look...if the you failed due to "puttin your feet down" ....practice drills to keep your feet up.

    This takes me back to when Sen fitty and I went in on the rockets to get our papers. ... omg... It was soooo sketchy, it was laughable. I facked up all over the place. I just seemed to keep on bullshitting the MTester told him what a robust figure of a man he was!
    I don't think that'll cut it for you though.
    It's amazing how much harder dealing with a bike at slow speeds is....goin fast the bike holds itself up, you just have to guide low speeds , you've got to be the brain too

    So yeah...more slooooow speed drills...lots' tight turns.

    if you're havin troubles fallin over in slow corners , keep your body more upright and ontop of the bike.

    Hope that helps somewhat.


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    Herb Lipschnitz
    Congrats on purchasing one of the all time coolest bikes (IMO). A classic.

    If you're inexperienced the riding position of that bike would be very difficult to turn tight at low speed. However, that bike will turn tighter than the cruisers at low speed once you learn how to ride (read: get real comfortable with it).

    I agree with the others: take a course and if you want to pass the test now, borrow a bike that's easy to ride (low seat height/higher bars/slack steering head angle)

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    I did it MST on my bike. I failed the first time but passed it the second time. My suggestion is PRACTICE. Sportbikes aren't great a low speeds as you probably know but you will be much more comfortable on your bike if you get good enough to pass on your bike. You already know what the layout is, go out there and run through it all day until you're good at it, focus on your weaknesses and get your licensed supervisor to watch and give you tips on improving your technique. If you have a steering damper, adjust it to it's lightest setting or take it off. Stay loose and don't fight the bike. Proper body postion is the key. Keep at er, you only have to get it once.

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    Better luck next time, yeah like they say, practice makes perfect. that is funny they didn't do anything about the turning radius. When I did mine, for the figure eight, there was a figure eight painted on the ground wayyy to small for my bike (then a fzr 400) but i showed the guy my turning radius, and he said just do it as small as you can. I did it way outside the circles, but smoothly, no feet, etc. and I passed fine. Not an Idiot inspector i guess.
    If they didn't pass ya because of that, i'd do it on a smaller bike. But practice first.

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    I took it on my R6.

    One point off.

    Practice, practice, practice.

    Don't be afraid to drag the back brake or slip your clutch.

    Low speed maneuvering is the hardest part, for sure, but once you get it down you'll be laughing at their pitiful test.


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    Imho slow speeds on a bike is all in the shoulders and back. You want to sit straight up so all your weight is over your hips and sorta lock your shoulders and make fine steering adjustments with your arms. If that makes any sense, it seems to be what I do any time I'm doing a slow speed U turn or parkinglot manoever. I find if I sit forward at all my bodyweight tends to throw the bike over a bit as I turn causing me to over correct and in general not have as much control.. thats not an issue at higher speeds when the bike stabilizes itself.
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    its got 2 wheels
    i failed once because I put my feet down, but that was because I didnt practice the figure 8 before I went.
    Just go to a parking lot and pratice with cones.

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    I found keeping the revs up helps to balance the bike. Just slip the clutch and keep your head up.

    Should be ok from there.
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