Bike died temp.....worrying...
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Thread: Bike died temp.....worrying...

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    Bike died temp.....worrying...

    well this evening while on my "private road" doing 180 in 6th, I suddenly lost power, turned up for more gas, I knew I had lots of gas, and the bike dies, pull the clutch in and pull over.

    hit the starter and bike starts again, everything is back to normal.

    so what the heck happened ?

    there was no surging in power, it just died, change sparkplugs ?

    never happened before or again, rode another 75k verything is ok....

    did not loose electric power at all when bike died....

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    What A/S/M (age, sex, mods ) please.
    details are always helpful

    I've had this problem as well before...near as i could figure for some of them was air in the fuel at one point. (not FI) i put down to loose grounding. (had that happen on my quad too).

    Teetee...where are you *sniff*

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    More info, pls. many things could cause this. I don't think there's reason to panic yet. Let's just try to be systematic.


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    Clogged gas tank vent ?
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    Stop humping your intake Farhad.
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    my bike did that at 220 but it just felt like it was running out of gas. I had lots so I think my jets are too small
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    maybe it leaned out?

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    Were you doing stunts prior?
    Were you going 180 for a while before it happened?
    Did you go back up to 180 again afterwards?

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    Did it start bogging at first?That could be a fuel /or lack of fuel problem.If your not venting you will get a vapour lock in your tank and it will seem as though your bike is running out of gas.Whan you sit for a few minutes tha tank can catch its breath again,then the bike will run.It this happens again open your tank right away.If there is a woosh of air ,as if your tank is taking a big breath in,your not venting properly.

    If its not that then I would go with an electrical prob.Intermittent electrical problems are usually a loose connection.
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    i've had that happen to me before as well. i was thinking i hit the kill switch and just let it go. but if it's actually the bike..........
    Ride long and prosper.

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