More bad news - Oldguy in a horrible mishap ...
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Thread: More bad news - Oldguy in a horrible mishap ...

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    More bad news - Oldguy in a horrible mishap ...

    Known on this forum as 'Oldguy' ... Mike was riding the country backroads near Lynden last weekend with his wife as pillion, when some idiot in a pickup blew a stop sign and smashed into them broadside. Mike's wife passed away shortly after the accident, and apparently Mike is still in intensive care in the Bellingham Hospital.

    If anyone has any up-to-date information about Mike's condition, please post up.

    Be ever vigilant out there!
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    That's horrible to hear Ken my heart goes out to Mike's family. Mike is a great guy that I've got to know over the last few seasons. I hope him the best so sad it's been a horrible year for our community.
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    Jesus. Just met Mike for the first time on a ride a few weeks ago. Mike & family, my sincerest condolences and best of luck with recovery.
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    My wife is the trauma surgeon on call at the Royal Columbian right now and she mentioned they were getting a patient from Washington yesterday who was in an accident in which his wife had passed.

    I can't confirm 100% that this is Mike but all the evidence points to it. I will try and get some more details this evening about his condition when she gets home.

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    Ah geez. Not good, not good. This is a lot of mishaps lately. Such bad luck, such bad timing, to be right there when the guy runs the stop sign. So unfortunate. Thoughts go out to their family....RIP to his wife......heal up, Mike...

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    Heart breaking. RIP.

    Thoughts are with Mike and the family.
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    damn, that's terrible news. i'd just gotten to know mike and bev a bit as i recently bought one of his bikes. they were a well suited couple who loved to ride. here's sending my condolences to mike and all of bev's family and friends and a successful recovery to mike as well.
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    Badger and Sunrise... I've been by there dozens of times. Hang in there mike, heal well, I'm so sorry about your wife, that is such terrible news.
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    I've known Mike for many years, both as a friend and a collegue within the Subaru family.....I was absolutely devastated when I heard about the accident on monday. Why is it always the good guys....
    Hopefully Mike will be able to receive visitors soon.
    My deepest sympathies to him and Bev's family for this dreadful loss.

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    What a terrible year ! This really fucking sucks . Wake the fuck up people and watch where you are going . This is horrible !

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    My sincere condolences to Beverly's family and friends.

    Michael, my heart goes out to you for the loss of your beloved,

    I hope for a successful recovery, as I know the road will be long and hard fought.
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    Oldguy you have my sincerest heartfelt condolences for your immeasurable loss.
    A good life taken too soon.

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    This is tragic news. I had just met Mike on a Hope/Princeton/Merritt loop a little over a week ago. While meeting for coffee, stopping for breaks, eating lunch and general bullshit sessions while fuelling up it was obvious that Mike has been very passionate about riding for decades. The other trait that Mike clearly portrayed was his joy of riding with his wife. With an honest to goodness twinkle in his eye he told stories of her competitiveness as a passenger yelling "faster, faster" while pounding on his back or how she never refused to climb aboard and go for a weekend ride. She obviously shared Mike's passion for the sport as well.

    You have my heartfelt condolences Oldguy on this terrible loss.

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    so very sorry to hear of this

    terrible thing to have happen... i myself have been hit by a driver who blew a stop sign and was very lucky to survive the mishap...

    i've met Mike a couple of times i believe,

    my thoughts and prayers with Mike and family, so sorry to year of your wife passing... rest in peace
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