My ride to Kelowna part 2
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Thread: My ride to Kelowna part 2

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    My ride to Kelowna part 2

    Well I made it to Kelowna thanks to a nice gentleman in a Landcruiser.

    Something I noticed though while riding in Kelowna was very few sportbikes. A LOT of cruiser bikes and a suprising amount of trikes and even more suprising was the amount of bikes with sidecars attached. I spotted at least 4 bikes with sidecars attached during my 2 day stay in Kelowna. One guy had a wheelchair attached to the back for the woman riding in his sidecar with what looked like cerebral palsey, I thought that was pretty cool . Overall though I've never seen so many trikes and sidecars in one place, really weird.

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    It's true, every where I went last weekend, I only saw a few sportbikes. The only sportbikes I saw were in big towns.
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