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    Talking Slowly But Surely

    To my bike to Derek's this morning (DKR RACING in Port Kells). He spent a good hour with me going over my suspension. You know I've been riding for three years now and am still learning about dampening, compression and rebound. This time we are dialing the bike in real slow He cranked up my fork springs (compression), and tightened up my rear shock, now I don't crush my nutz when hiting pot holes in the road It was a good informative lesson today, I know I've been through it before with Bernie, but that was in a class and I sort of sat there, not asking questions like I should have I could feel the difference already today, I'm going to ride the bike as is for a while then make any adjustments as I go along... Now that I have 3400km's on her (In 6 days of riding ) I can use the entire RPM range, quite the pull this bike has Thanks again to Derek for his time and patience

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    I did the same thing with Derek last saturday. I stopped by for a quick checkup and he ended up spending a good 10-15min givin me some suspension tips. Damn this guy is awesome!

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    Re: Slowly But Surely

    Originally posted by Litre-Eater
    I can use the entire RPM range, quite the pull this bike has
    Ya, they call the throttle an "adrenaline dial".......400lbs and 150 horsepower will definetly do that

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    I saw you a couple days ago Aaron... going down Grandville. Michelle onthe back. I was on my '03 as well. Glad to see you are enjoying it...

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    I got 3400 Km on mine as 3 weeks..Do you freakin' sleep at all?
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    Talking No Sleep!

    Cos yeah I saw you give me the "C" bike is wicked. I wanted those colours but they would have had to order in the bike...the silver one was together and sitting there in the show room waiting to be riddin. Flowman, I sleep between riding sessions...sort of We might be hitting the Okanogon again this weekend, supposed to be REAL nice in Osoyoos

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