Beg. bike: Katana vs. Seca II vs. EX500
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Thread: Beg. bike: Katana vs. Seca II vs. EX500

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    It's SOLD. :(

    Beg. bike: Katana vs. Seca II vs. EX500

    Seems everyone is asking about beginner bikes...I might as well throw this in.

    I'm looking at three bikes in the paper:
    '93 Katana 600
    '93 Seca II (600)
    '93 EX500

    All have 20k Km, and are $3500 obo. Which one would you choose? and why?

    I've taken the course at Action, (which means very litle of course..)


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    The seca is a nice bike. Spider-Man had one as his first legal bike. the ex500 is an excellent bike to begin on. The katana is a little biger than the other two (i mean physically) so it's a little heavier too. Test ride all 3 and see which you feel more comfortable on. then make your decision.
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    Having had both a Katana and an EX,I would go for the Kat!It handles alot better and has a little more power!I found it a little more stable when I progressed to riding 2up also!! Good luck in your search!!
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    The Kat's the fastest, and also has the most breakable
    parts for when you drop it. That dosen't bode well
    for a starter bike.

    The Seca's and the Ninja are both around the same power.
    Both would be great beginner bikes, are moderately
    powered, but do well enough for a long distance day.

    There's a heck of a lot more Ninja's around though.
    That means better parts and aftermarket availability.
    And it's a twin, which means it's got quite a different
    feel to it's power delivery than the 4cyl. Seca.

    Also, less cylinders usually means less maintenance.

    Both are good, solid bikes, and excellent for beginners.
    Try them both if you can and see what you think.

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    i ride a Seca 2, and i can tell you it's a very nice beginner bike. it's very easy to handle, lightweight and has enough power that you won't be bored a week after you buy it. i rode an EX500 at action and the Seca definitely feels like it has more torque. i also found the Seca to be more comfortable. aftermarket support will be much better for the EX, and parts should be cheaper too. i can't comment on the Katana, but the Seca and EX are pretty close in power and performance. test ride them all if you can, and get a mechanic to check out the one you decide on. they would all make a good choice i think.

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    I have ridden a 92' Katana 600 and a 98' Katana 600 , a 90 EX500 and a 91' EX500.
    My impression of the EX500 was overall bad, gutless and somewhat clumsy, besides the whole thing is tiny( i am 6'1'')...the 81' GL500 i had at the time felt way more powerfull despite being a late 70's design and having pushrods. I know some people love their little EX's but i have no idea why, other than it kinda looks like a sportbike and its easy to handle.
    Katana 600- i LOVED riding those. felt right at home on the bike and it felt like it handled great and really suit my riding i guess. power isnt great at low rpm but once the revs are up they move pretty decent. Only downfall is that valves have to be checked every 4 thousand km i believe and its shim over bucket design and theres 16 valves.
    From what i read in reviews on the Seca, its a neat easy to handle bike, but every review i read on it said its gutless. any air cooled 600 with only 2 valves per cylinder is bound to be gutless. otherwise a decent bike.
    I was looking into Katana/Seca/Nighthawk/VFR line when shopping for my latest bike....ended up with a 91' CB750 Nighthawk mainly because i got a pretty decent deal on it( 2700$ for the bike and a J.Rocket 3.0 jacket+cover+manual) plus its supposed to be nearly maintenence free(other than oil changes and chain...valve adjustment is automatic via hydraulic lifters)
    THE BIKE i was looking for and couldnt find a good deal on was a Katana 750, but i just couldnt find a reasonable deal on it.
    So If you dont really care about power, try the seca( its also easier maintenence then the katana) ...if not go for the Kat.
    Also look into 750 nighthawks (91' and newer)

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    It's SOLD. :( you can see, I ended up buying the Katana. The ninja wasn't in the greatest condition afterall, and the Katana looked really clean. Paid ~$3K for it., just need to find a good used SMALL jacket....

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