96-03 ZX7R Parts - Lots!!
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Thread: 96-03 ZX7R Parts - Lots!!

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    96-03 ZX7R Parts - Lots!!

    Hey guys,

    I have the following items for sale that will fit any ZX7R from 1996
    to the current model.

    Tank Bra - $40.00

    Headlight Assembly (includes bulbs) - $100.00

    Stock Windscreen - $40.00

    Stock Pipe/Headers - $100.00
    (Comes with the stock needles/shims etc)

    Fairings - $100.00
    left/right sides, left/right rear, tail connector - these are all
    damaged, but could be repaired.
    front - really damaged, not sure if it could be repaired

    Tank - $50.00
    This has a good dent in it, doubt if its repairable, might be able
    to be cleaned up a little and used for track days. Still works

    Muzzy 5-Bladed Aluminum Cooling Fan - $50.00
    This will replace your stock 3-Bladed Plastic Fan and will increase

    Stock Fan and Fan Housing - $50.00

    Stock Bulbs - $15.00

    Clutch Lever and cabling - $20.00

    Brake Lever and Cabling - $20.00

    I will sell this as a complete package for $500, save you about $85 bucks. Definately some good items that can be used, and some extra for whatever, especially if you are doing track days. I'll also throw in whatever else I find for it if you buy the complete package.

    The above prices are just suggestions, any reasonable offer will be accepted as I have no need for any of the above.

    Thanks, dn.

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