First crash, Friday 13
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Thread: First crash, Friday 13

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    First crash, Friday 13

    Well, Friday 13 is a lucky day for me I got into an accident on my zx6r yesterday around noon near kingsway and safeway & liquor store. The car infront of me was making a right turn with the signal on and i started to pass it on his left side (going about 30-40kmh) and all of a sudden he swirves to the left, as if he didnt want to let me get though and he hits the bike right on the front fearing and the wheel with his driver's front fender. I go flying on the bike to the left and so does the bike. i stopped a few feet before the curb and the bike went into another parcked car and damaged it just a touch. I get up right away saying to myself WTF did just happen. The driver is totally shocked and doesnt know what to do, still sitting in his old piece of just toyota, as i approach him telling him that wtf did he do etc.. than a woman comes up asking if everything is alright and blah blah.. i got some scratch on my elbow .. and my butt.. and today when i woke up.. basically my body is feeling all sore.. and my neck doesnt turn too well .. but otherwise im all good. Lucky i was full leather. Wear your gear guys !

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    Sorry my scaner is crap here is another one

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    Sorry to hear about that , i would have just been livid with that driver what a *@^*& idiot , but atleast you are preety much ok, get well soon.

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    Originally posted by biwwy2000
    so what did you learn from this expensive lesson?????

    not to pass him untill he turns?????

    or to pass him with authority and speed to not give him a chance to get you????

    it is up to you, but remember THEY ARE ALL OUT TO GET YOU....and no matter what, you have to take charge of your life out there.

    get well soon.

    no, you shouldn't pass with speed, because he can still get clipped and it would be worse than it was now.

    glad you're OK, and i'm happy you were wearing full leathers. i am more surprised to see riders out there IN full leathers than not wearing ANY gear nowadays.

    I can picture your situation clearly. when you're riding, be the fortune teller and predict what all these dumb cagers are going to do. in your case, you hafta say, "what if that idiot changes his mind and pulls back in front of me?? you would know then to approach cautiously and wait til he turns out before moving on. you can GUARANTEE that when he pulls back out he will NOT shoulder check. it's true that some drivers out there are COMPLETELY oblivious to their surroundings.

    In reality guys, don't let anger or frustration get to you when you're riding. it will make you want to pass and cut off people, and tailgate, and in the city,.. you're the one who's at loss when you get into an accident. there's no point to tailgate a slow driver or a stupid driver, because in most cases, they have no idea you're there. oblivious i tell you,.. don't get me started on people with cell phones.

    ride in the safest way possible,.. especially in the city.. think to yourself,.. is it NECESSARY to take these risks, or would it hurt that much if i just waited it out? don't catch yourself in a hurry.. just enjoy your ride.

    get well soon, and get back on the road soon
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    Scary! Glad you were in leathers and came out okay...

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    that looks like a write off

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    Glad to hear about you're ok bro.

    sorry to hear bout the bike....look at the bright side though...if it's got to happen, let it be to a kawi

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    Whach u talkn bout Willis Array smokedvw's Avatar
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    its got 2 wheels
    THat sucks man

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    Glad to see you are ok. Good thing for gear.

    Just a note for all the newbies out there.

    1) Be aware of you're surrondings
    2) expect the unexpected
    3) Always remember people are stupid and will do stupid things so make sure you are not in the way when the perform said stupid action.

    Oh yeah and 4) Don't fall down it hurts, believe me I know too.

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    Glad that your OK Oleg,
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    I'm glad you're more or less ok.

    But: please resize your photos!

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    Hard to say if you would call that lucky or unlucky. I would say lucky because your basically OK. The bike can be replaced.
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    all that's needed to be known is that i got one... or do i?
    Ouch... glad you came out ok...

    I don't know how you kept your cool, but if someone did that too me, I think I'd go ballistic...

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    Glad your ok and didn't slide into that curb.
    Can't wait for my next fix, I'm addicted to Gixxstacy.

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    Expect your premium to go up Few years ago, my sis binned someone in the same situation. ICBC concluded it was 50/50 so both my sis and the other guy's premium went up.
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