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    Exclamation ***RoadAdvisory Thread***

    This thread is intended to advise our fellow riders of Road Hazards. Please within your thread title place the location of the area in question. We will do our best to keep this thread updated. If you notice that a particular hazard no longer exiats, please quote the original post and will will leave it for 1 week before deleting it if the original poster does not.
    Ride in peace my friends...

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    Heading into UBC on 10th.

    For those turning left onto Blanca while heading west on 10th towards UBC, there is a small lip on the south side of the intersection. My roommate was in front of me, not leaning too too much, and caught the lip, the bike went upright all of a sudden, and he almost highsided.

    I was working on a project for that intersection (improvement for cyclists - bike box), and I know that it may be overlayed to even everything out, but don't know when that's going to be.

    Just be careful when you make the left.

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    S2S leaving Britannia Beach, inside slow lane, they have been repairing the road, tar snakes! And have been putting a lot of sand on the corners so watch your self!

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    Headed up to Tofino yesterday (Mon Sep 15) and there's a bridge out on Hwy 4 near Kennedy Lake about 20km East of Ucleulet. There is a bypass road, but it has been cut through blasted rock and the surface is SHARP edged rocks. I jammed and turned around, and I wouldn't suggest you take a sportbike on that surface or you may be calling for a tow and a new tire. Maybe next year.
    What was it all about?

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    coming off the freeway in north burnaby at willington.. as u merge onto willington coming onto the bridge there's a hiddin "bump" in the road where the bridge starts.. i've even jumped my car on that one

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    South bound leaving Britania Beach. Left lane entering first right hand sweeper seems to have an extra helping of tar snakes aka crack sealer. My back end was doing the wiggles trying to find pavement even at mild lean angles.
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