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    Newbie looking for gear

    I'm not sure if I should be posting this in the New Riders section, but here we go...

    I'm looking to get into riding later this summer. It depends on me earning more at work to support it, and getting my license etc, so the earliest I could be buying this stuff is mid July.

    I'm planning on cheaping out on the bike (87 Ninja 600 has caught my eye) but getting a good, inexpensive set of gear. I kinda like having skin. I'm leaning towards textiles just because they look more comfortable, cooler, and less power-rangerish. I'd prefer gear that is actually wearable off the bike so I can ride to work and not have to carry extra clothes with me.

    Sooo would you guys mind enlightening me on the virtues of textile vs leather? And recommend any inexpensive but still worth wearing brands? I saw some dude at a gas station wearing a textile jacket with metal triangles on it... I thought that looked pretty decent.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Textiles are:

    1.) Lighter and more flexible than leathers
    2.) In some cases, easier to wash than leathers (some you can dump them to dryclean or just in the washer)
    3.) Usually cheaper than leathers.
    4.) More breathable.

    Leathers are:

    1.) In some cases, easier to maintain that textiles (Wipe it down with a wet towel.
    2.) More durable than textiles.
    3.) In the case of an accident, more protection.
    4.) Cooler looking (IMO... )

    Most brands that you find at most of the bike shops are good brands. I'm sure that the salespeople there will be able to work you out on your budget. If you get the chance to shop in the 604 area, go to RMS, BK, Carter, Imperial, Modern, or Pac Yam ... they have lots of different selections for you there~

    Good luck!! (Hope you're saving up $$ to take a course as well~ that will be the most valuable asset in your new to come riding hobby~~)
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    Originally posted by caDey
    [Leathers are:

    1.) In some cases, easier to maintain that textiles (Wipe it down with a wet towel.
    2.) More durable than textiles.
    3.) In the case of an accident, more protection.
    4.) Cooler looking (IMO... )

    In some cases, the leather lives on to fight another day. I had 2 re-entries into the atmosphere at about 70-80 kms a hour in both a Joe Rocket leather suit and Ballistic (textile) jacket and pants. The textiles were a write-off, but the suit is still looking good. I have to point out the few scuff marks that it recieved.
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    Buy a back protector. I landed on my back at about 60km/h. Not a bump, bruise or pain. If you don't like the idea of being paralyzed I would recommend checking them out. After you wear one for awhile you don't notice its there and feel extremely vulnerable if you forget it at home.

    I vote for leathers too, there's a reason racers wear them over textiles.

    Also, not many people are on the chest protection bandwagon yet but I am. Only cost $70 and is good insurance for your vital organs.

    Don't overlook the boots as well. The only place I lost skin in my accident was my feet (it hurt growing back) because I thought I didn't want to walk around in my boots that day; silly me.

    Thats all. I'm a gear freak so feel free to ask any more questions

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    Don't fool yourself into thinking that leathers need to look power rangerish. There are plenty of full suits out there in plain black, both in one piece or two piece. You can also buy pieces separately and match them that way.

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