How was the ART course today?
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Thread: How was the ART course today?

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    How was the ART course today?

    For those that took the ART course how was it?

    Any crashes?

    Did you learn anything?
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    Luckly mother nature held out, and we had no rain on the track. The sun came out here and there and warmed the track up. One small crash, but everyone had a blast, and everyone walked away unharmed.

    Most insane moment was coming down the stretch before the hairpin. It was the last run out, and most of the fast riders and all the instructors were out. I was coming down fast, and had one rider infront of me. I knew Troy was bombin' it behind me, and was gonna fly by on the inside of the hairpin, but the rider infront didn't see him coming, so he slammed on his brakes. Me seeing a stopped bike (or so it seemed) infront of me, grabbed a hand full of front brake and pull my first endo.

    I think I was at the peak of the endo when I looked over (all life slowed to a halt) and Troy was passing by looking at me, and I'm sure he was thinking "what the fook are you doing??".

    Luckly the hard brakin' exercise came into play, and I didn't dump the bike, and caught control again.

    I guess the biggest thing I learnt was really how to hang of the bike, body posititioning, and also the hard brakin'. It was only about 5-10 minutes of braking, but that totally mad a huge difference when we went back on the track.

    Hopefully someone took some pics, because I forgot my cam at home.

    In all, had a blast! If you haven't taken this course, and are looking to improve your techniques, I highly recommend this course!

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    Heh Amish, I met you on the way to the Queensborough bridge a while back. I did the art course a couple months ago. That hairpin was awesome, but not exactly when someone slams their brakes on in front of you. Anyway, hope to ride with you soon.
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    Close call! Next year take the Race course and pass 'em!!

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