Washington BMW dealers grow from 3 to 7
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Thread: Washington BMW dealers grow from 3 to 7

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    Washington BMW dealers grow from 3 to 7

    By the end of the year, BMW motorcycle dealers in WA State will have gone from 3 to 7. This article sheds some light on it.


    Didn't Honda at one time burden their dealers by mandating the dealers carry the complete product line from bikes to lawnmowers, and no other bike brands? It is possible that BMW admitted this was a deterrent? Not sure of the USA vs Canada requirements for a dealer though as this is a US story.

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    That's great news. The more the merrier!
    "Yamaha" - it's Japanese for "fuck your sports car."

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    Vehicle makers, I'm sure. follow the money, and the population. Witness, the new BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche dealers in Langley. With the new BMW dealers in Washington, there is a strategy. The newer dealer in Ferndale is trying to take advantage of close Canadian customer access, for service, and sales, although the demise of the Cdn $ value will put pressure there. Smartly, they have a few other brands. The new dealer in Spokane I think is replacing the former dealer in nearby Post Falls, Idaho. And I guess the new dealer in the Yakima Valley is a good place, as witnessed by quite a few big shops in and around Prosser WA.

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    Honda had that powerhouse concept about 10 years ago. I think that they partially abandoned/relaxed the rules of the concept for certain markets after a while but I remember one of the big casualties of the one brand only policy being Blackfoot Motorsports. A lot of dealers in the car industry seem to be working with mandated construction projects to conform with a standard layout.

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    Sounds like a pound me in the bum deal for the existing dealers. We know you have been carrying the torch for our overpriced Bavarian garbage for twenty years so Here's a $100k image program, and btw we are more than doubling the dealer body. Oh but in our graciousness you can now sell other makes (as if you weren't doing that in an adjacent building already), unless of course their image programs conflict with ours, in which case tough titties.

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